Orange Tree Breakfast & Lunch

Our Menu

Long-running, no-frills, cash-only diner offering hearty homestyle breakfasts, burgers & sandwiches.

Updated Operations


Mon 6am - 2pm
Tue 6am - 2pm
Wed 6am - 2pm
Thur 6am - 2pm
Fri 6am - 2pm
Sat 6am - 2pm
Sun 7am - 1pm


COVID-19 Safety Measures:

x Masks required for patrons and staff
x Hand sanitizer stations for patrons and staff
  Acrylic partition blocking staff from patrons
x All tables at six foot (6’) apart
x Indoor seating limited at 50% capacity
n/a Outdoor seating six feet apart
x No patrons at bar counters or elsewhere
x Parties limited to no more than ten (10) persons


Inside Dining Yes
Curbside Pickup Yes


Restaurant Delivery No
UberEats No
Delivery Dudes No
Postmates No
Grubhub No


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